It’s Open House

Y’all get together, I wanna tell you a story
It’s a lesson for you on the forces of evil and good
I thought this smart-dressed loverman was for me
But I should’ve known better, yes, I should

He rippled through town, you knew just as soon as he got here
I knew his reputation, but still he left me breathless
For a couple of months I loved this man with no fear
Then he threw me on the pile with all the rest

Come to my party
It’s Open House
That man sure hurt me
But I’m no mouse
He showed me all I needed to learn
About starting a fire and letting it burn
But now it’s out
It’s Open House

Come to my party..
It’s Open House

If you’re looking you’ll see no pieces of me to pick up
I believe in the power of loving in the hours after midnight
What’s to savor if you don’t even sip from the cup
How can you give if you’re holding on so tight

Come to my party…
It’s Open House… come to my party…
It’s Open House… come to my party… It’s Open House

© 2009 Allison Thrash, Labrador Hill Music (ASCAP)

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