Fight Dirty

Got a call from the Devil yesterday
Told me don’t be afraid, just hear what I say
It’s not like me at all to step in
But trouble’s coming as a cold-hearted woman
So Fight Dirty

This woman, he said, was never a child
Came into this world with a painted red smile
Devil said she’s been eyeing your man
And she’s been used to getting all she can
You Fight Dirty

Her dresses hug her like a second skin
Her secret perfume confuses most men
Her earrings and bracelets play a sexy tune
What she shakes when she walks brings ’em round soon
So Fight Dirty

Knew she was near by the chill she wore tight
Knew it all was wrong and nothing was right
Folks said all of her men before mine
Walked into the night in madness and blind
You Fight Dirty

Now I’m not brave and I’m not strong
If I get a hold of her I can’t hold long
But if she takes my man she’s taking me
So I say meet me in Hell, let the Devil referee
Let’s Fight Dirty
It won’t be pretty… Fight Dirty
She don’t scare me… Fight Dirty
Fight Dirty

© 2009 Allison Thrash, Labrador Hill Music (ASCAP)

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