Sugar Is Sugar

Listen girls and boys
‘Cause I am making some noise
About this whole scene called love

Folks say it’s lots of things
Red hearts, golden rings
Flowers and white birds named doves

Well I’m no expert
But I’ve put a little effort
Into what I am about to say

Nobody is perfect
No there is no sure fit
But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and play

Sugar Is Sugar Is Sugar
You think you know now about sweet
Sugar Is Sugar Is Sugar
Mix it up with this love thing for a treat

Now don’t misunderstand
Sure, there are good men
You boys, there are true women around

A house and a picket fence
They all make perfect sense
For all you looking to settle down

But don’t any you forget
There are sweet lessons still left
To get and to give about love

My advice is go slow
But don’t stop, oh, just go
And nothing says you can’t play rough

Sugar Is Sugar Is Sugar…

Mmmmm, sugar kisses
Oh, they melt in your mouth
Mmmmm, candy wishes
Keep ’em coming around

Sugar Is Sugar Is Sugar…

Sugar Is Sugar Is Sugar…

Pour it all over this love thing for a treat…Mmmmm…

© Allison Thrash

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