Lord I’m Ready

Lord I’m ready
To go with you
I’m so tired, too tired
I’m real weak, too
So I don’t see no reason
Not to go with you

Lord I’m Ready
And I can’t wait
Don’t have nothing here
To make me hesitate
I hear there’s no pain there
So I can’t wait

Each night of every day I put my hands together and I keep prayered up
Soon someday you’ll answer and you’ll pass me your jeweled cup

Lord I’m Ready
Give me your hand
Show me the way
To your Promise Land
Lord I may stumble
Please, give me your hand

Lord I’m Ready
For Paradise
Set my body free
Till I’m cold as ice
Take me to your kingdom
Take me to your Paradise… take me to Paradise… Lord, I’m Ready…

© 2009 Allison Thrash, Labrador Hill Music (ASCAP)

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