Some of that Ricky

There’s a new toy in this town
And the rumor’s going round
About his specialty
You know how women talk
Like hens in a chicken house squawk
They’re clucking I want Some Of That Ricky

Let me tell you about his eyes
They’ll bring you to your knees
And his lips
You say just one bite please
And Ricky’s voice Is honey dripping from a tree
I can’t help myself, people, I want Some Of That Ricky

Some say there was a wife
Some other town, some other life
Folks say she must have been awful picky
‘Cause this boy’s got all the charm
Oh his fire is five-alarm
Round these parts it’s I want Some Of That Ricky

Did I mention his eyes…
Yes on Sundays you can hear a chorus
About all Ricky’s done for us
It’s something like a prayer
But to another kind of saviour

There are just some things in this world
Important to us girls
But home can be a little sticky
There’s no need to think twice
Any way you cut it I want that slice
All us girls say I want Some Of That Ricky

Just look at those eyes…I want Some Of That Ricky…R – I – C – K – Y

© Allison Thrash

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