Move Over

You think you’ve got the corner on the market of love
You say the Lord’s smilin’ on you from the stars above
You got what you wanted ’cause you hate to lose
Not so fast, honey, here’s some late-breaking news

Move Over, he ain’t yours yet
Move Over, yeah, here’s the bet
Move Over, child, watch and learn
You better Move Over ’cause you’re sure to get burned

You cooked him supper and you washed his clothes
You bought his liquor and his coffee and all those smokes
Girl, there’s more to it, between a woman and a man
Sit back, sister, ’cause here’s the plan

Move Over…

You thought you’d try your hand at playing Big Girl games
Now you’re licking your wounds from getting too close to my flames

I can’t tell you the secrets ’bout keepin’ a man
Well, you’re so pitiful, maybe I can
Remember, little girl, love him till you drop
And only love him harder if he begs you to stop

Move Over…

Move Over…

What were you thinking…

You better Move Over ’cause you’re sure to get burned
Step back, honey, ’cause you lost your turn

© Allison Thrash

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