It’s Blues Mama

It’s my understanding from Cosmo magazine
That if my lipstick’s straight and my hair’s done right
I’ll have a man by June or maybe even tonight
Oh Mama I must have read it wrong
It’s all in this song
That man I thought was mine is long, long gone

It’s Blues, Mama
That’s why it sounds so sad
It’s Blues, Mama
It’s all about men being bad

There was nothing more the boss could have asked me for
I was at work by six, I was not home till ten
I gave 200%, so much more than all his men
Oh Mama I am stuck in this rut
I never make the cut
Boss loves what I do but it’s always but, but, but

It’s Blues, Mama…

Mama, how’d you find Daddy?
Are there any more like him?
All these boys treat me badly
My chances for romances look slim

Yes It’s Blues, Mama…

It’s Blues, Mama…

This is Blues, Mama…

© Allison Thrash

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