Mister Wrong

All the women know you before you even walk through the door
The line you’re using tonight we’ve heard a million times before
You always look good and you always wear a smile
Don’t misunderstand, baby, you’re not o’

Hello Mister Wrong
We know you can’t stay long
No you don’t belong
But we all know you, Mister Wrong

You move around the room and the world spilling your charm
You say you love women and you say you never mean any harm
You never work hard and you always have time to play
But yesterday’s toy just won’t do for today

Hello Mister Wrong…

Once in a while we hear you claim it’s love at first sight
But the vow you make with all your heart is just to stay for the night
You breeze into a love and you do what you will
Your thrill is in the hunt and never in the kill

Hello Mister Wrong…

Hello Mister Wrong…

But we all know you, Mister Wrong…

© Allison Thrash

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