You Ain’t Enough

I don’t want to hear about it
Not another word
There can’t be other women
You give diamonds and pearls

You Ain’t Enough baby
To keep me in line
You Ain’t Enough baby
You got to be more to be mine

You think coming home at midnight
Is giving me some time
I’ll tell you just this once
You’re fixing to cross a line

You Ain’t Enough baby…

Over and over and over you talk sweet
But then I don’t hear nothing for weeks
All I’m saying is
Take me and hold me and love me not them
‘Cause all you are now is nothing spread thin

I’m not just another plaything
One more trinket in your toy box
Think of me as gold, honey
Priceless costs a lot

You Ain’t Enough baby…

You Ain’t Enough baby…

Oh no You Ain’t Enough…

© Allison Thrash

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