Allison  and  her band are interviewed in The Hill Country News.

“This Austin-based blues artist recently released Talking Thrash, her debut on the Head On Records label. Thrash has been all over the musical spectrum having played classical, country, rock/pop, and, finally, settling on the blues. She possesses an incredibly powerful voice that will shake apples from a tree. AND, if that wasn’t enough, she built her musical career while working as a lobbyist and professional development director for a statewide educational association in Texas.” – The Great Beyond

” With her powerful voice, easily comparable to such greats as Aretha Franklin and Big Momma Thorton, Allison Thrash gives It’s Blues Momma her 200%! Her powerful personality, saucy attitude, tongue-in-cheek realism, and fabulous blues intonations are what propel this Broadway worthy song. We love her striking lyrical style, vocal confidence, and overall class. We also love those wailing guitar riffs, jazzy drum rhythms, raunchy saxophone moans, and ever-so-blue piano licks. Allison Thrash has mastered the blues with a hallmark of feminine sass. Sexy, defiant, and alive with energy and fun, we DEMAND that you check this lady out!” – Houston Fair

“.. fantastic sexy sultry vocals, good blues guitar snippets, it was jazzy and bluesy.” Cornbread,

“Allison Thrash has put a unique country spin with a rock edge on her excellent blues CD, “Talking Thrash”. The ten songs on “Talking Thrash” feature the beautifully written lyrics and wonderfully expressive vocals of a hard life typically filled with work, love and drinking…” –

“Hop ‘On The Blues Express’ with blues mama Allison Thrash. She ain’t talking trash mind you, its all about Talking Thrash. This is the deep-down-from-the-soul blues baby make no mistake about it. With her Phoebe Snow meets Aretha Franklin vocal style Thrash makes her way through 10 solid blues-rock numbers that will move you in way that will find your heart…” read more at

“Texas is known for its blues and it’s still thriving here. While the blues is not my favorite genre I really dig this cd. I’ve listened to my share of the genre going way back. I can remember sitting around in Arcola, Mississippi listening to old black men play the blues downtown right on my Grandmother’s front porch…” — read more at

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